Back in December, I saw an ad on Facebook for the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant.  I checked it out, never thinking that I would become one of the national delegates.  The one phrase that dragged me into this year of growth and inspiration was the pageant’s motto, “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful”. 

It’s funny how six words were able to convince me that this was the experience that I needed to take on.   Since I started recovery over a year and a half ago, I had to challenge myself mentally to take on these words.  Now that I have a tangible saying which expresses this battle, I feel that I am fully equipped to challenge others to do the same thing. 

The Challenge

By no means do you have to go through an eating disorder in order to take on this challenge.  While my platform is focused on raising awareness about eating disorders, I feel that acknowledging and congratulating the everyday accomplishments of society will help people to see that there is nothing wrong with having their own definition of beauty. 

This is something that I am incredibly passionate about.  I know that I won’t stop this campaign after my year is over, as I have seen the positive reinforcement that it provides people that are touched by its power with.

Getting Involved

Up until this point, I have only shared my own personal struggles, along with stories about recovery and moving on.  I would like to transform this into a full out campaign which utilizes Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and this site.  Now it’s YOUR turn to help out!

You can do any or all of the following in order to be an active participant in this campaign.  I ask that any of your submissions are sent to [email protected]:

  1. Make a video.  I have already started working on this project by getting musicians and bands to take part in the campaign.  Simple Plan, Ace of Base, and Eric Solomon are already in on the campaign.  The easiest thing to do is record yourself saying, “Hi, my name is _______, and I challenge you to be your own kind of beautiful.”  Once I have enough videos like this, I will create one big montage of clips that include everyone.  If you’d like to go a step further, record your own message about what YOU think beauty is and how you are practicing this virtue on a daily basis.
  2. Write a personal account.  This story can and will remain anonymous, but will be posted on this page, along with potentially the Facebook and Tumblr page.  If you are not comfortable getting in front of a camera, this is another way that you can express your thoughts on the issue.  Never think that your story is too small or insignificant.  Your words could change somebody’s life. 
  3. Join the group!  This campaign should be female AND male oriented!  It’s very much a way of creating a support team, and showing society that youth today are trying to change the status quo.  Share your opinions, connect with each other, but please pay attention to how you word your responses.  I will delete any post which I find is offensive, triggering, or harmful to anyone.  This means no personal attacks – I want to create a healthy environment in which everyone has a right to share their opinion. 
  4. Create your own ideas.  Design a web poster,  find an article that fits in with the motto, or do whatever you feel could enhance this project.

Let’s make this happen and have fun with it!

Written by: Vanessa Peynenburg
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  1. Elroy says:

    Beneficial posting, I absolutely expect fresh news from you.

  2. You go girl! I’m behind you %110 percent, all the way!

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